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Delivery within the UK mainland is included in the prices detailed against the individual products withgin this website.

Delivery of the plastic locker ranges will be approx 5-20 day

We will advise you by email of the delivery schedule following confrmed receipt of your order.

We provide delivery free of charge and we can do this by supplying to you on a
non time specified schedule. This means that we will advise you of your delivery
on a week commencing basis and your order will be delivered during that week
within normal business hours.

Delivery will be to your confirmed delivery address roadside/kerbside or loading
bay area only and is subject to there being no delivery vehicle access
restrictions. Unfortunately we are unable to leave deliveries if there is no one
at the delivery address to take receipt. Should this happen we will contact you
to rearrange delivery but we may unfortunately have to charge for this

Please see "delivery" from Locker Shop UK Ltd terms and conditions.

All deliveries will be made to a "drop-off point" only at the delivery address roadside/kerbside or loading bay area. The customer agrees to make their own arrangements to offload and transport all products from the "drop off point" unless otherwise confirmed in writing by Locker Shop UK Ltd.
(i)Time for delivery and performance is given in good faith as accurately as possible but it is not to be of the essence of the Contract. The Purchaser shall have no right to damages or to impose penalties or to cancel the order for delay from any cause unless agreed by the Company in writing.
(ii)Without prejudice to Condition 7(i) hereof time for delivery and performance shall in every case be conditional upon receipt of final instructions being obtained from the purchaser within seven days of the date of the Purchaser's written order and all necessary approvals by the Purchaser being obtained forthwith upon request.
(iii)The Purchaser shall notify the company in writing of all necessary forwarding instructions within seven days of notification that the goods are ready for dispatch. The Company will endeavour to comply with reasonable requests by the Purchaser for postponement of delivery but shall be under no obligation to do so. Where delivery is postponed otherwise than due to default by the Company the Purchaser shall pay all costs and expenses including a reasonable charge for storage and transportation occasioned thereby and the Company shall be entitled to invoice the goods in accordance with these Conditions.
(iv)Dates quoted for delivery of orders not requiring installation by the Company refer to dates upon which the Goods are ready for dispatch but dates quoted for delivery of orders requiring installation refer to dates on which the Goods will arrive on site.
(v)Unless otherwise specified delivery shall be made of all Goods to the nearest convenient unloading point (either road or rail) to the Purchaser's works or appropriate site and the Purchaser shall be responsible to notify the Company of any restriction of access such as weight, width, height or loading hours for unloading vehicles or containers and transportation to the site of erection. The Company shall have the sole right to determine the relevant unloading point.
(vi)If deliveries are required over a period extending over 14 days each consignment shall be considered as a separate transaction and invoiced separately.